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Unexpectedly, I asked mom to let me write about my home, my country. It was a surprise for me as well, I would never have thought that I would want to expose my opinion or my point of view, but here I am. As a tour guide, I got to hear many opinions about Romania. There were a lot of negative things spoken or said about my home, so I made it my quest to change the tourist’s opinion about Romania. Gladly, I had a lot of success with exposing the unspoken truth about this beautiful country. With all this said, welcome to my little corner, where I share my knowledge with you.

Anastasia Dumitrescu

Little Paris? No! I want you to know about big Bucharest.

Anastasia Dumitrescu

Explore Bucharest

Amazing tours and fun adventures are waiting for you. Treat yourself and see our offers.

Discover Unlimited Partying

Meet different people, cultures, traditions and landscapes. Choose your next festival wisely, in Romania we have a variety of music festivals perfect for everyone!

The Danube Delta

From UNESCO protected territory to rare bird species, the list is almost endless, and we have everything right here in the Danube delta.

The Black Sea

Our seaside is where all the magic happens, at least during the summer. You can mix clubbing with exploring Romania and learning about our history.

Bucharest Photography

The Danube Delta Photography

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